Whitley Arts Festival 2012

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St Mary's Project:
Siobhan Davies, Michael Fairfax, Bob Aldous, Julia Rogers, Patrick White, Chris McKeeman and Miland Suman, Chris Lambert, Matteo Fargion, Sean Burn

Jiri Kovanda

Reading Experimental Film Festival:
Love Care:
Anna Thew, Dolly Dolly, Takhhiko Iimura, Michael Bryntrup, Yann Beauvais

Reading Experimental Film Festival:
Submissions and Commissions:
Ian Helliwell, Marcus Coates & Henry Montes Laura Thompson, Beate Hecher & Marcus Keim, Paul R Jones, Colin Legge, Max Hattler, James Lowne & Andrew Stewart, Mareike Bernien & Kerstein Shroedinger, Dominic Negus, Naren Wilkes, Kate Nina Lewis, Maria Deegan, Jo Ann Kaplan.

What The Butler Saw:
Nigel and Luise, Mark Langley, Pete Montford, Burnt Biscuit, Michelle Hannah, Tripwires, Bear & the Woods

Theatre - Sitelines:
Shady Jane, Bootworks, Red Herring, Hanna Jane Walker and Chris Thorpe, Made in Chine, Unfinished Business, Action Hero.

Broad Street Illuminations:
Peter Montford

Art In a Pub:

Film In a Pub

Takeaway Gallery

Whitley Workshops